The following timezone listings provide a guide to standard deviations in time from London Greenwich Mean Time however variations will occur during daylight saving months.

Destination (Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney)
LocationCountryGMT (+/-)
Los AngelesUnited StatesGMT -8hrs
San FranciscoUnited StatesGMT -8hrs
LondonUnited KingdomGMT
JohannesburgSouth AfricaGMT +2hrs
DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesGMT +4hrs
Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesGMT +4hrs
BangkokThailandGMT +7hrs
SingaporeSingaporeGMT +8hrs
Kuala LumpurMalaysiaGMT +8hrs
PerthAustraliaGMT +8hrs
BeijingChinaGMT +8hrs
ShanghaiChinaGMT +8hrs
Hong KongChinaGMT +8hrs
SeoulSouth KoreaGMT +9hrs
TokyoJapanGMT +9hrs
AdelaideAustraliaGMT +9hrs
DarwinAustraliaGMT +9hrs30mins
BrisbaneAustraliaGMT +10hrs
CairnsAustraliaGMT +10hrs
MelbourneAustraliaGMT +10hrs
SydneyAustraliaGMT +10hrs
AucklandNew ZealandGMT +12hrs
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