Flying from London to Sydney

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There are a huge variety of 1-stop journeys from London to Sydney. A lot depends on how much you want to spend versus whether and where you want to stop off on route.

Direct Carriers

Out of London the following airlines offer 1-stop routes: BA-Qantas, Emirates, Etihad, Virgin, United Airlines, Thai Air, Air Canada, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, South African Airways, Korean Air. All operate out of Heathrow except Emirates which tends to fly out of London Gatwick and returns into London Heathrow.


FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-Hong KongBAHong Kong12hrs10mins
Hong Kong-SydneyQantas9hrs
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs10mins
Total in-air flight time: 20hrs20mins
Total in-air flight time: 20hrs10mins
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs30mins
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs45mins
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs40mins


FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-Hong KongVirginHong Kong12hrs10mins
Hong Kong-SydneyVirgin9hrs
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs10mins


FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
Total in-air flight time: 20hrs45mins


FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-Abu DhabiEtihadAdu Dhabi7hrs
Abu Dhabi-SydneyEtihad14hrs10mins
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs10mins

Air Canada

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-VancouverAir CanadaVancouver10hrs10mins
Vancouver-SydneyAir Canada15hrs20mins
Total in-air flight time: 25hrs30mins

United Airlines

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-Los AngelesUnited AirlinesLos Angeles11hrs20mins
Los Angeles-SydneyUnited Airlines14hrs40mins
Total in-air flight time: 26hrs
London-San FranciscoUnited AirlinesSan Francisco11hrs10mins
San Francisco-SydneyUnited Airlines14hrs30mins
Total in-air flight time: 25hrs40mins

South African Airways

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-JohannesburgSouth African AirwaysJohannesburg11hrs25mins
Johannesburg-SydneySouth African Airways11hrs45mins
Total in-air flight time: 23hrs10mins

Cathay Pacific

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-Hong KongCathay PacificHong Kong11hrs35mins
Hong Kong-SydneyCathay Pacific9hrs
Total in-air flight time: 20hrs35mins

Thai Air

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-BangkokThai AirBangkok11hrs20mins
Bangkok-SydneyThai Air9hrs10mins
Total in-air flight time: 20hrs30mins

Malaysia Airlines

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-Kuala LumpurMalaysia AirlinesKuala Lumpur13hrs10mins
Kuala Lumpur-SydneyMalaysia Airlines7hrs50mins
Total in-air flight time: 22hrs30mins

Singapore Airlines

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-SingaporeSingapore AirlinesSingapore12hrs45mins
Singapore-SydneySingapore Airlines7hrs35mins
Total in-air flight time: 20hrs20mins

Korean Air

FlightCarrierStopoverFlight Time
London-SeoulKorean AirSeoul11hrs5mins
Seoul-SydneyKorean Air10hrs
Total in-air flight time: 21hrs5mins
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