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Every year thousands of people from the UK and Ireland fly to Australia whether to visit friends and family or simply on holiday. This website is designed to give up to date news on the various flight options available as well as trip ideas for first time visitors.

On such a long haul flight most travellors take the opportunity to enjoy a stopover en-route. The number and variety of stopover options increases each year. There are three main routes to Australia: via the the Middle East, via Asia and via the United States.

...Via the Middle East

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In recent years the United Arab Emirates has become a major hub on routes not just to Australia from the UK and Ireland but connecting the US with Asia. It's prominence as a major international hub continues to increase. The two main stopover options are Abu Dhabi (where Etihad Airlines operate from) and Dubai (where Emirates Airlines operate from). Whilst Abu Dhabi is capital of the UAE, Dubai has become it's financial and tourism centre in recent years. As stopovers these destinations offer luxury hotels, shopping and a wide variety of activities.

...Via Asia

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By far the quickest route to Australia is flying via Asia. This also offers the most variety in terms of stopovers. One advantage of an Asian stopover is the ability to aclimatise to Australian timezones before arriving. The majority of travellers stop in South East Asia which offers a variety of interesting destinations and year round tropical temperatures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpar. Other options are to take a stopover in North Asia with historic and exciting destinations on offer such as Beijing, Shanghai, Soeul and Tokyo.

...Via the US

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This is not the most obvious route to Australia and is by far the longest however is far more common when travelling to New Zealand. Any flight from the UK or Ireland through the states is always likely to funnel through LAX (Los Angeles International - best avoided) however a number of other flight options are available for those wishing to stopover in one of the major American cities. A number of flagship routes operate out of LAX to a number of major Australian cities. These routes are the busiest into Australia and are therefore much soughtafter meaning a lot of competition and choice and are certainly worth considering.

See the World

Any trip to Australia is an opportunity to see the world!


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Ever considered visiting Japan?

Now is your chance on route to Australia. Tokyo offers a stopover experience like no other and a glimpse into a uniquely different culture.

Did you know you can fly directly from Tokyo to Cairns?

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About This Website

This website is designed to help you decide on your best stopover and flight options when flying to Australia and within Australia. There are now so many options available sometimes travellers from the UK miss out on fascinating stopovers and alternative travel routes simply because they aren't aware of them.


This website is there to be used for travel ideas however we accept no responsibiliy for any of the travel options and airlines detailed. We also accept that in such a rapidly changing travel market sometimes information on the site may be of date. Please get in touch if you see anything on the site that is no longer valid and we'll get it updated.

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